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Welcome to HIA!

HIA is an online roleplaying agency based on Habbo.com.
HIA News
  • If you have any suggestions for the forums please DM Billy50505 on Slack.
  • Looking for background suggestions DM Billy50505 on Slack.
  • Portal is back up, find it at www.portalhia.com.
  • The Forums will be entering downtime soon. As such, the archives will be opened to the public for important information to be retrieved before all info is deleted.

    If you have any issues, contact Billy50505, Nank or xRobyTheBoredx on Slack or Forum PM.

  1. HIA Information

    1. HIA News

      New and updates related to HIA will be posted here. 
      Moderated By: Super Moderators

    2. Weekly Bulletins

      The Weekly Bulletin is provided by the Chief of Staff team. As the name suggests, it contains any relevant information from the prior and upcoming week.

    3. Meeting and Events

      Information related to meetings or events in HIA will be posted here. If you plan to schedule a meeting, be sure to have the information posted here.

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  2. HIA Community

    1. General HIA Discussion

      Discuss HIA related topics here. Discuss Habbo related topics in the 'Habbo Discussion' forum.

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    2. Habbo Discussion

      Discuss Habbo related topics here. Do not discuss HIA in this forum. 

    3. Random/Spam

      Do you feel like spamming? Let it all out here.

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  3. Logs and Special Units

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